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If You’re Going To Love—Damn it, Love With Intention

If you are going to love, you better mean it. Tell it the person you love. Look them straight in the eyes. Kiss them passionately. Don’t worry about what you have at the moment and whether it will grow. Don’t ask yourself whether or not they feel the same. Don’t

When A Woman Is Done There Is Nothing To Change Her Mind

Women are quite tolerant by nature, so there are a lot of things that they can handle. However, enough is enough. While women are generally indecisive, when a woman makes up her mind, there is nothing in this world that can change her mind. This refers to dating, in particular. If

Amazing Marriage Advice That a Dad Gave to His Son!

Your spouse is usually beside you whether it’s about conflict, failure, or privation. Your spouse is with you for support, prosperity, and progress. Like any other relationship, you should keep your marriage healthy. Amazing Marriage Advice That a Dad Gave to His Son: – Dear son, in case you spend your money on

The Shape of Your Navel Reveals Your Personality

One of the parts of our body that gets the less attention unless it needs to be cleaned is our navel. We all have navels, but their shape is unique. The shape of the navel tells about our health as well as our character. Navel Like a Button If the bulge of

15 Signs You Have a Strong Personality That Intimidates Others

Strong women are often described as assertive individuals who are straightforward about their desires and needs. But, strong women are actually very complex! They seem bossy and demanding, but in reality they are thoughtful and sensitive. If you have a strong woman in your life or you are one, you should