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Science Says That Bald Men Are Stronger and More Confident!

The American Hair Loss Association estimates that approximately 2/3 of men lose their hair by the time they turn thirty-five years old. Moreover, 85% of them will experience great hair loss by age fifty. What’s more, early balding around the age of twenty or twenty-two may result in depression. However, a

The First Thing You See In This Picture Reveals Your True Personality

The ‘personality’ as a concept includes a lot more than what shows in our everyday actions. Each individual’s psychological complexity blends with their innate humanity to form something different. As a result, each one of us can perceive one single phenomenon in completely different ways. For every 100 people, you’ll have

14 Habits Of People With Concealed Depression

Depression is the all over the news right now; it has attained its epidemic status primarily because of its sinister and hidden nature. People fail to recognise the signs and also fail to speak out and seek help while there is still time. Recognising the signs early might be the difference between