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7 Natural Ways to Relax in Ten Minutes

Nowadays it can be tough to find time to relax. Between work, school, taking care of the kids, running errands, cooking dinner, and eking out the occasional moment to yourself, it can be tough to entertain the thought of setting aside any amount of time to just RELAX.

Relaxing, however, is a crucial component of your life (or should be).

Yeah, you have a busy schedule, so you need something you can do quick and effectively. Here are seven quick and easy ways to relax, promote good health, and just help your overall well-being.


It’s possible to find a lot of things to worry about nowadays. You know what about these worry-inducers – those things where it’s easy to think about the negatives and harder to think about the positives.

Try reframing. Think positive, in other words. Rather than thinking of how bad things are, pick the positive things in your life and think about them instead. Then, focus on those instead of the negative things. Just a little bit of positive thinking per day can do wonders.


Nothing promotes relaxation like playing with your pet. Maybe go for a walk with your dog, or curl up on the couch with your cat. Maybe take some time to linger by the fish tank and watch your fish do…you know, fish things. Whatever the case, set aside some time for your pet. They tend to live relaxed lives – humans could learn a lot from them.


It doesn’t have to be much, just a few minutes of time. And no, texting doesn’t count. Give them a call, or better yet, arrange to have lunch with them or even just a cup of coffee. Your best friend knows you better than anyone else. Just being with them for a while – smiling, laughing – will improve your overall outlook.


Nothing beats kicking up your feet and relaxing with a hot cup of tea. Teas not only taste good, but the scent can serve as relaxing aromatherapy. Best of all, there are so many teas available that you can have fun testing new teas and figuring out which one works for you. For example, you might try Kratom Tea and discover that the stress melts away. The fact of the matter is, tea is fun to drink and it has naturally-relaxing properties.


Have some cash to spare? Hop on Amazon and shop. Or even just go window-shopping. The psychology is sound: by thinking about improving your circumstances (maybe by replacing an old lamp, or just redecorating) you’re thinking about a positive future. Thinking about improving your life by shopping causes your brain to think about other ways you can improve your life – and having something to look forward to is relaxing and exciting all at the same time.


Have a few minutes to spare? Forget the doom-and-gloom of Facebook. Hop onto Youtube and search funny videos. Funny videos on Youtube are practically a major industry nowadays – channels understand that you don’t necessarily have an hour to set aside to watch a video.


Yoga has relaxation built into it – in order to perform it, you have to have a calm mind. So by doing a bit of Yoga each day, you’re training your mind to be constantly calm, you’re training yourself to relax, and best of all, you’re improving your overall health. It’s a win-win-win!

Thanks for reading!