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Amazing Marriage Advice That a Dad Gave to His Son!

Your spouse is usually beside you whether it’s about conflict, failure, or privation. Your spouse is with you for support, prosperity, and progress.

Like any other relationship, you should keep your marriage healthy.

Amazing Marriage Advice That a Dad Gave to His Son:

– Dear son, in case you spend your money on a girl and she isn’t interested, you shouldn’t marry her.

– In case the woman you met isn’t a virgin, you shouldn’t judge her.

– You could find someone who will be an ideal wife as well as an ideal mom to your children. However, in case you’ve met a woman who does also act like mom to you, you should keep her.

– In case you live like a bachelor after your marriage, then you may end up being single.

– Your wife needs to take care of your salary as she can’t spend it due to the bills and other expenses. However, in case you want to take care of it, she will ask even when it’ll be spent.

– Her smile should be the only thing that’s important to you.

– In case you have a lot of money, don’t spend it on a woman that does not understand how hard you did work for it. You should spend your money on your family and your wife, as they were always there when you needed them.

– In case you realize that she begins to change, you may want to pay attention to your behavior, since you may be the one that’s changed.

– Don’t limit the space of your wife in your kitchen.

– You’re an adult and you’re responsible for the problems in your marriage.

– In case she thinks that she has the same rights in the house as you do, you may want to divide the expenses and obligations. Pay your part of the bills, as well as leave the other to her.

– You shouldn’t compare her with other women.

– We all had the opportunity for big families back in the past. Also, we did work on our farm-lands. However, today there are not any lands for farming. So, you should take care of your woman.

– You shouldn’t hit your wife. The physical wounds can be painful even though they’re nothing in comparison with her soul’s wounds.

– When your mom was nervous, I did not hit her. Now I’m proud as I have never hit your mom.

– When I could not afford to buy a car, your mom was driving bicycle with me. You should choose your wife carefully, as in case she can’t endure the beginning, she isn’t worth to enjoy the financial stability.

– When I was throwing stones at your mom’s window to see her, it was not about sex. I did miss her so much.

– Your mom wanted a sewing machine so I did buy it to her. You should make your woman happy as well as help her achieve her dreams.

– You do not know what will happen in the future. So, you should pray for the best for you as well as your loved ones.

– Please do not stop helping me as well as your mom. Growing old is definitely much easier when there’re the children that could help you.

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