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Here Is Why Your Big Sister Is One of the Most Important Persons in Your Life!

If you have a big sister, then she is probably your biggest critic, best friend, best defender, and your second mom.

Here Is Why Your Big Sister Is One of the Most Important Persons in Your Life:

– She is your best friend
Your big sister was there when you had your first kiss and started school. She was also there when you had your first break up. This means that she knows you well. She has seen you at your best and worst, so she is able to deal with your bad attitude without any judgment. That’s why your big sister is someone you can always ask for help.

– There are not many boundaries that exist between you and your big sister
When it comes to sisters and boundaries, it is often a case of anything goes. Whether it is asking intimate, personal questions; interrupting one another when ˮemergenciesˮ arise; or walking around naked in front of each other, there are not many boundaries, which exist between sisters.

– She has your best interests at heart
Your big sister has known you your entire life and she has been with you on each step of your journey so far. Regardless of what happens, she has your best interests at heart. Unlike your friends, she often sticks around.

– She is your best defender
Your big sister will be in your corner from the first day. In case someone tries to mess with you, she’ll sort it out. This type of protection does come in handy when it comes to trouble with arguments or bullies with friends.

– She is like a second mom
She will step in whenever she is needed. In short, she will put up with you, nurture you, love you, and protect you as much as your mom.

– She is brutally honest with you
She will usually give you a reality check. Your friends may sugarcoat the truth in order to avoid hurting you. However, your big sister will be brutally honest with you.

– She makes you cooler
Having an older sister is a great advantage, when it comes to unearthing the coolest fashion, band, or movie. She’ll get to the hottest new trends before you. So, she does understand how important it’s for you to appear with it. That’s why she often helps you out.

– She has your parents figured out
Whenever you take on your parents, you have an experienced ally on your side to help take them on. Your big sister does know exactly what to, and what not to say to your parents to get what you want.

– She is your style guru
Having a big sister may double your closest. She may have a bigger, better wardrobe. This means that whenever you feel like your clothes are not up to scratch, you have her closet to raid for a totally new look.

– She can give the best advice
If you have a problem, you’ll probably talk to your big sister about it first. She’ll listen to your problems without any judgment and dish out advice. As we have already mentioned, your big sister knows you best and the most about the different relationships in your life. Therefore, having a conversation with her can help make you feel much better.

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