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Use These 9 Comebacks Whenever You Encounter Rudeness!

People often have a hate/love relationship with their spouses, friends, bosses, and families. You should not allow certain questions or comments to ruin your day.

You can speak your mind and defend yourself, but you can express yourself while being polite and positive.

In case you don’t know how to deal with these people, use the following comebacks whenever you encounter rudeness:

– Laugh

Laughing may catch the other person off-guard as well as make them feel embarrassed for making the comment. For example, in case your uncle brings up your recent break-up at dinner again, simply laugh because it can make the present moment look less serious, and tell him that you do not allow his rude comments affect your outlook on life or your mood.

– “I love myself and I love you, too”

This phrase might just apply in some situations with your spouse, friends, and family. Therefore, you should use it at your discretion. You should express to them how much you love them and life, because once they hear it, their comments will lose power and become irrelevant fast. Also, they may be too surprised to create a right response.

These words can result in more positive conversation and boost the energy of a room.

– “You always say something negative ”

This phrase may take the attention off of you and back onto the other person. It can make the other person think twice about their choice of conversation topics. In other words, if you make them aware of their toxic behaviour, it can benefit you and other people in future situations with that person.

– “You are right”

Although many people do not want to say this phrase, it can benefit you to make the other person think they were right. This may also end the conversation. Even though you may not get as much satisfaction by saying this, it can put a damper on the enjoyment of the other person because they will not get a rise out of you.

– “You almost hurt my feelings”

You show the other person that you don’t want to absorb their negativity when you are on the sarcastic side. This is also a mature way to deal with them and prevent them from making other remarks once they understand that they cannot affect you.

– “Do you think that was necessary? Do you think that I want to answer?”

They will meet a collected, calm and cool you. You want to talk things over decently and sensibly rather than getting the irate response out of you. Furthermore, it may give them a possibility to redeem themselves as well as apologize to you.

In case they answer “yes” to the 2nd question, you should reply with “This is not actually your day.” Then, end the conversation.

– “The conversation is over ”

In case you are too angry to respond to them in an adult way, you should end the conversation. In addition, you shouldn’t let the conversation carry on in order to keep your dignity.

– “I do appreciate your perspective“

This is actually an intelligent approach that shows the rude person that you want to communicate in an adult manner. Keep in mind that rude comments actually reflect their shaky perception of themselves. Although they try to bring you down, you should not allow them to do it. Simply show them that you will continue the conversation with respect and dignity.

– “Thank you“

If you use the phrase “thank you,” you actually show these people that you do not allow their comments affect you. This phrase suggests that you acknowledge and respond to the thoughtfulness of others. But, in such a case, this means that you acknowledge their rudeness. This also means that you don’t allow it to affect you. This will shut the rude person down as soon as they realize that the words did not phase you.

Keep in mind that you choose the way you react in almost any situation. Therefore, choose happiness. This can keep your actions and thoughts positive, as well as show the other people that their rude comments can’t affect you.

Thanks for reading!